Tru-Flex Building Products Ltd.


Tru-Flex Building Products Ltd. is a company based in Linyi, Shandong Province, China. We specialize in the design and manufacture of state of the art fire resistive PVC based building products.

Tru-Flex Building Products Ltd. has been newly formed in 2010 although the research and development has been ongoing for several years in conjunction with a local Chinese factory.

Products & Services:

The two main products currently being produced along with accessories are Low Foaming PVC Composite Decking and Low Foaming PVC Composite Siding. After initial fire testing both products show a Class A fire rating. Both these products are unique in their design and composition with many features currently being sought by professional builders and renovation experts alike. These products are cost effective and include many properties consistent with natural materials and their advantages.
These include:
strength, flexibility, fire resistance, termite proof, moisture resistance, mold resistance, hail resistance and a finished product that requires no painting, staining or ongoing maintenance with a 20 Year Warranty.

Key drivers that influence the demand for this product is the immediate need for modern building materials that are environmentally friendly and have a fire rating much better than the current vinyl building products which ignite and fuel a fire. This has been evidenced by current media coverage of fire spread between city homes because of the lack of fire resistance on vinyl cladded homes and the space between homes. Our products are cost effective, quickly and easily installed, meet stringent building codes, low maintenance and are available in a wide range of colors.

We understand the Western markets and have a significant advantage over other manufacturers by customizing the products to the need of the market. We are dynamic enough to be able to change the product profiles and colors based on demand and market trends.

Our products are not the only PVC Composite products on the market but we do have a unique formula and we use superior raw materials which have many advantages over the competition. Our products are not the least expensive but customers are prepared to pay for the advantages we offer. These include Class A fire rating, superior durability (resistive to hail damage), air infused which allows floatation, mold resistive, wind and rain screen protection.

We have several styles and colours of siding and decking to choose from.
Testing Results

Our decking and siding products will meet and exceed the National Building Code of Canada. Intertek hasperformed a series of tests on each of our materials with promising results.